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Our Cashmere Story




We Respect Nature.

Working with our Farming Cooperatives and herders, we advocate and practice sustainable grazing to ensure the preservation and sustainability of the grasslands by avoiding overgrazing and using rotational grazing in the Spring and Summer, and protected barn feeding in Winter. 

We Care About Our Goat Buddies.

Using fully organic farming and breeding techniques to improve the breeding quality of our goats, we ensure the optimum health of the goats, as healthy goats make for better quality fiber.  We are the first cashmere producer in China to achieve full ECOCERT organic certification of our goats and cashmere process.

We Care About Our Water.

Water is a very important part of the cashmere process.  But not just any water, for the finest cashmere it is essential the water is soft and pure.  It is used in washing raw fiber, dyeing cashmere tops, and for the final washing of finished garments.  Which is why we have our own water treatment to purify and soften the water to the same standards as used in the finest Scotch whiskies.  And once used, all our water is then biologically purified to ensure certification of the environmental sustainability of the water and our whole cashmere process.


We’ve been doing this for much longer than most, for over 35 years since 1982, so we have a ton more experience and a lot more expertise than others. 

And with our factory being accepted as a member of the Cashmere & Camel Hair Manufacturers Institute, we are part of an exclusive “cashmere club” that only accepts the foremost and leading cashmere producers in the world.

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